Sunday, March 14, 2010

New Policies, Same God

We found out today that Ethiopia just changed it's laws and requires adopting families to come to the country for the court hearing. This means that in order to adopt from Ethiopia you are required to make 2 trips instead of one. This adds quite a bit financially to the process. We are continuing to pursue this and trust that God will provide the extra funds! Please continue to pray that the Lord would grant us favor each step of the way. We understand that this does not guarantee us from hardships and pain, so I pray that this favor he grants would be the power to bear up under these trials with grace and love. That we would bear his name well. That we would reflect him in our attitudes and actions. That we would grow to trust him more and that we would love with his love.


  1. Are you specifically wanting to adopt from Ethiopia?

  2. That is what we are leaning towards right now, though nothing is set in stone till it is finalized!