Friday, April 23, 2010

Classes 2 and 3 DONE!!!

Hooray! We had our last pre-home study class today. It is good to have those all done. Now we will be scheduling our first of three home study visits. I believe the first 2 are at the agency and the last one will be in our home. We are excited to get all this done so that we can concentrate on our dossier, which is going to be the biggest headache of this whole process.
We have already ordered our vital records, which was a difficult and not quite completed task (as well as very expensive! Who would have thought!). After we receive the actual documents we have to send them back into the Secretary of State (of whichever state they are from) and have them authenticated and sent back to us. Apart from these vital records there is LOADS of other legal documents that we will need to gather, medical exams, police reports and fingerprints... I am feeling very overwhelmed. There are many times when I wonder if this is really worth it. I am continually reminded of passages in the Bible that tell me "this life will not be easy" and that I am called to reach out to the "least of these". We know the Lord has us on this journey for a reason, and we trust that he will mold us and shape us even more into his image through this process.

Thank you for going on this journey with us! We love you guys!

Continue to pray for us and with us:
*Pray for perseverance, that we will not be discouraged but that we would trust the Lord to be our strength
*Pray that we are able to gather the appropriate documents quickly and efficiently
*Pray for our future child/ren, that the Lord would be preparing them for this adjustment
*Pray for our family as we travel on this road, that we would be ready to accept these new children with love and joy and patience

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