Friday, April 9, 2010

First class down, 2 to go!

We spent 8 hours at Children's Home and Aid today. In Illinois you are required to be a licensed foster home before you can adopt. In order to become a licensed foster home you are required to have 10 hours of training. Today was our first class and it was 8 hours long! Crazy! We learned all about the different psychological issues of adopted children and while I am sure some of them are true, I am thankful that I know Jesus Christ and the redeeming work he can do in hearts. He is the true healer and relationship mender and a Father to the fatherless. We were able to take a stand a few times and share what we believe and why it was different than what they were teaching. We pray God uses us even in this group to glorify his name.
We will have two more classes, this coming Friday and then the Friday after that. When these classes are done our paper work is submitted to the state and we become an approved foster home. Once that is in place we can then schedule our home studies. Our home studies will consist of 3 meetings. 2 will be at Children's Home and Aid and the final one will be in our home. When those are done all the paper work is submitted for our approval to adopt. It's a long process and I have never seen so much paper work in my life!

*I think the biggest thing we would like prayer for right now is that the Lord would be preparing the hearts of the child/children that he has for us. That the transition would be smooth and that we all would adjust well.
*Please pray for us as we continue to build relationships with these other couples that were in the class. Pray that the Lord would use us to shine a light into their lives and that he would be glorified.
*Continue to pray that the paper work comes together smoothly.

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  1. I am praying! Thank you for sharing specific prayer request!